About Me

Working with my amazing journalism students in the broadcast studio at Singapore American School in Singapore.

I am a teacher, global education innovator, writer, reader, traveler, but most of all, a learner. My passion is to use technology in innovative ways to make education accessible for all. I believe education is a basic human right.

I have been immersed in education and technology for over 20 years. My titles have included instructional designer, editor of an online kids’ magazine, producer at Disney Educational Publishing, teacher and technology coordinator.

My focus now is on using technology and media in innovative ways to increase access to quality education. We also need to give young people a voice and the ability to become change agents in their own communities and on a global scale. When I’m not working on that WIG (Wildly Important Goal), I’m probably out walking my dog, digging in the garden or planning my next trip to someplace warm.

Here’s a little more info about me:

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